net24|7 is a Fintech that offers its customers a technological platform that allows to enjoy innovative and secure financial services, promising to change the way its users manage their finances.
It enables you to create transactional services, integrating modern technologies through an in constantly innovative platform, with cloud-based infrastructure that delivers scalability and security. Its primary objective is to enable and lighten payment processes in any currency, through our powerful transactional engine that facilitates money movements.
Yes, safety is at the center of everything we do. We have ongoing information on emerging threats and advanced knowledge of changes in security regulation. Our systems are constantly updated and maintained to exceed industry standards, so you can be sure you're in good hands. In addition, we comply with the broadest and strictest regulations regarding the transmission of money, governed by U.S. law.
Services 24-7 LLC (net24|7) is a United States corporation created in the State of Delaware, licensed by MSB (Money Services Business) issued by the State of Florida and registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the U.S. Treasury Department. This license gives net24|7 the legal power to perform any of the following activities:

(1) Currency Exchange

(2) Receipt and Payments of Checks

(3) Issuance of Traveler's Checks, Money Orders or Prepaid Cards

(4) Sale or Exchange of Traveler's Checks, Money Orders or Prepaid Cards

(5) Money Transfer
The MSB (Money Services Business) license is regulated and issued by FINCEN (The Financial Crime Enforcement Agency that is part of the U.S. Treasury Department). The main objectives are the supervision and licensing of businesses and companies related to monetary services. Scope includes international remittances, foreign currency exchange, transaction/currency transfer (including digital currency/virtual currency), supply of prepaid cards or other prepaid ways, issuance of traveler's checks and other services. Companies in the US that perform businesses listed above must apply for an MSB license before they can operate legally.
Because we know what we do, and our platform has been designed to make you grow as a user or as a business. You no longer must go to multiple financial institutions in search of services that you usually get separately, find in net24|7 unified and customizable solutions. We promote your financial independence, as you do not need a bank to apply for our services. You'll be aware of your transactions and money movements through our online consultation (real time) and if you need to reconcile or plan your finances, you can get detailed reports on the go. All this in an environment protected and regulated by U.S. authorities.
Technology and globalization are redefining our world, now finance and markets know no boundaries. In this new reality net24|7 is available anywhere in the world where a user invokes our digital services.
Currently available:

Vivo: It's a comprehensive payment solution that manages to connect as many ways as possible to receive transactions in your company or business, while simplifying interactions with your customers. Vivo is the best solution for secure, fast and easy transactions. For more information see our “FAQ – Vivo” section. Find out all the details and possibilities that Vivo gives to your business management.
net24|7 has designed solutions and services to serve users and businesses of any size, anywhere.
Go to activate “Start” and quickly, safely and smoothly you will be able to access the services platform. Membership consists of two phases:
net24|7 operates under financial and accounting processes overseen by U.S. regulatory bodies. As the United States of America is our legal jurisdiction, all monetary assets entering or leaving the net24|7 platform are mobilized through banks in this country.
Depending on the service you have active:

With Vivo, you decide when and how to send funds to the bank of your choice or pay your suppliers by ordering transactions directly from our platform.
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