Vivo Payments
Vivo, is one of the services that net24|7 has created for its users. It consists of a comprehensive payment solution that manages to connect all possible ways to receive transactions in your company or business, while simplifying interactions with your customers. Vivo is the best solution for secure, fast and easy transactions.
Vivo adapts to the commercial activity and size of any company, our configuration processes are lightweight and self-manageable. It allows you to introduce technology into your business through operations with debit and credit cards, Zelle®, contactless (NFC) and private wallets. By activating Vivo, you already have a base benefit group that you acquire when you create your account on the platform. Learn more about the benefits of net24|7 in the FAQ – net24|7
Because Vivo is able to meet your needs today and tomorrow, that is why we remain constantly evolving, so that you stay up to date with solutions that will facilitate your daily operation in: Shop (Counter – box), in motion (deliveries – transfers – Cabs), on the Internet (online). We help you increase your income without any effort and investment. Forget devaluation and exchange trades, that's a thing of the past, with Vivo you will get the settlement of your sales in the currency of your convenience.
Find the available solutions on your account dashboard at net24|7:

Vivo Poynt - Combines the traditional features of a point of sale with advanced WIFI and GSM connectivity features, which will allow you to quickly and securely process international credit, debit with chip or Contactless NFC cards (Android Cellular Wallet and Apple Pay)

Vivo Next - It is technological evolution at the service of your business. In addition to Poynt's basic functionality, it incorporates value-added applications for your business. With Vivo Next each trade has its value-added app: shops, restaurants, bakeries, wholesale warehouses, parking, events, delivery, or independent merchants, you can count on a tool that suits you, handle more than 100,000 products in your pocket, you can take orders, generate an invoice, check prices or inventory level anywhere.

Vivo Station - You have all the power of Next with the convenience of a wide screen also provided with an elegant and modern design. An equipment station that takes you to the next level, giving your business a touch of prestige. Double screen, built-in collections of receivables, barcode reader... Everything you need.

Vivo Api - Allows you to process payments within your website. It's customizable and carefully designed, no matter if your customers use smartphones, desktops or tablets, with this integration we enhance the end-to-end experience of your customers while minimizing their risk.
Thinking about your benefit, net24|7 has designed a flat business model that will allow you to clearly manage your finances all times, getting a detailed and accurate view of your sales and the rate associated with your processing services. This rate depends on the size and industry of your company, being necessary to carry out the boarding process and KYC (Know Your Customer) to define this value.
Any legal entity formally incorporated in your country of origin, ready to take your business management to the next level. In order to comply with U.S. regulations, all customers applying for Vivo are required to go through a digital AML (Anti-money Laundering) process that is done in an automated and seamless way for you.
First you must have a user account created on the net24|7 platform, this process is detailed in our section "FAQ – net24|7".

Follow these simple steps:

1. Login with your user, locate and select the Vivo service from the dashboard.

2. Select Vivo solution and check which of the available solutions suits your needs. You'll get detailed information to guide your decision.

3. Onboarding: Start the Boarding process, where you will provide data about the company and its activity, information that will serve to analyze and customize an offer adapted to your needs. Before and throughout the process you will be able to view our wizard installed on the platform, to obtain information and help in each step of the process. You’ll also have detailed videos of the process in the "How to activate Vivo" section.
Have handy the following company information that you will need to upload on the platform:

▪ Identification document of legal representatives
▪ Company’s legal registration documents i.e., Taxpayer ID (EIN - RiF - RUC- etc.)

Be attentive about the information you will upload i.e.
Our main goal is to get to know you while complying with strict payment laws and regulations, for which net24|7 has rigorous identity verification processes, KYC (Know Your Customer) checks and AML (Anti-money Laudering) validations.
Once you finish onboarding, our team will work on the processes detailed in the previous response and develop an offer that suits your needs. You may be asked for additional information if our Compliance Manager deems it necessary. We will keep you updated on the progress of the process via email you provided on the platform.
We will send you an email informing you of the result, from which you can access the platform to continue the process.
Once you have passed the process of entry and acceptance on the platform, you will be able to log in with your user and observe the offer we have designed for you.
Log in with your user on the platform, view the business offer (rate), then carefully review the terms and conditions of the service you have previously selected. Accept the agreement through your digital signature, then you're already on board!
There is no limit to the number of devices you can to purchase for your business.
They are available on the platform’s dashboard
During the device type selection process, we will present you with the options available to complete the payment (Zelle® – wire transfer to US Banks. – International credit and debit cards).
Delivery time varies between 5 and 8 business days after payment is processed. We will keep you informed about the shipping channel that best suits you according to your location, In some cases it will be delivered by a local courier or by collecting the terminal at the office of one of our business partners.
You must activate the device. Download the video available from the platform under section "Services" "How to activate my POS" and follow the steps, remember to have handy mobile number that you used to register at the Onboarding process, you will need it.
You're ready to receive payments and enjoy a superb experience!
Select from the Vivo services menu, the "Vivo API" option “Vivo API”

perform the Onboarding process and waits for one of our specialists to contact you directly, to guide you through the integration phase, within 48 hours.
Write to us through our support channels:

Chat Center: +1 (888) 800-8505

Payments with Zelle® on Vivo Api
If you get the “payment not found” message, you should wait about 15 minutes and try to confirm your payment again through Zelle. Remember that you must input the last 5 digits of the code that you received from the bank.

Zelle transactions usually occur instantly, however, in some cases they can take a few minutes, hours, and even a couple of days, depending on the policies of each bank. If you completed the payment through your bank but have not received a code, or in case you are constantly getting the “Payment not found” message, please contact us at, or at the email address where you sent your Zelle payment, we will assist you as soon as possible.

Important: When you successfully complete a payment, you should get the following message: “Zelle Payment Found”, otherwise the payment cycle has not been completed and neither the net24│7 platform nor the provider would be able to confirm your payment.

Some banks do not show the confirmation code instantly. If that is the case, we suggest you contact your bank and ask for the confirmation code directly.

In case the bank does not provide you with that information, please send us an email to or to the email address where you submitted your Zelle payment and we will give you all the support you need.

Important: When you complete a payment, you should get the following message: “Zelle Payment Found”, otherwise the payment cycle has not been completed and neither the net24│7 platform nor the provider would be able to confirm your payment.
Until net24│7 receives the operation from your bank, we will not be able to register you on the platform; that is why if you try to confirm the payment, you will receive “Payment not found” as a message. We suggest that once your bank confirms that the transaction has been made, you proceed by introducing the information of your payment using the Zelle option. Remember you must input the 5 last digits of the confirmation code provided by the bank.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to or to the email address where you submitted your Zelle payment and we will give you all the support you need.

Important: When you successfully complete a payment, you should get the following message: “Zelle Payment Found”, otherwise the payment cycle has not been completed and neither the net24│7 platform nor the provider would be able to confirm your payment.
In some cases, it is possible that the card cannot be used for online payments or that the option to do so needs to be activated, we recommend you contact the issuing bank of your card.

We understand that some countries have certain restrictions for the use of the cards in their territory, therefore we cannot process them through Vivo Api by net24│7. Our payment processor is in the US and your card needs to be enabled to be used in the US.

Our platform operates in different countries and is used by many merchants, that is why is possible that a transaction process by us will not be that easy to find in your credit card statement. Remember that when you process any kind of payment in our platform, you can always identify it in your bank statement under the following description:

If you need a detailed report of the transaction you have made using our platform or if you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email to and we will answer you shortly.
International Card Payments
In some cases, the card does not accept online payments, or you must activate that option, we suggest consulting with your bank.
We understand that there are countries that have local restrictions on the use of their cards, you should consider that such cases will not be processed by Live Api of net24|7. Our processing is in the U.S., so your card must be enabled for use outside your home country.
Remember that you can locate in your bank statement the transaction with the concept of: net24|7, in case of any questions or concerns please write to us at and we will gladly assist you.
If this is the first time you use your credit card on our platform and if your goods/services provider requires it, we will ask you to validate it..

We will send a micro verification charge to the bank that issues your card, (generally less than $5.00). The amount of this transaction is the verification code that you must enter to validate the card and then process the original payment.

Your payment transaction will be declined.

  • Verification codes (micro charge amount) are valid for a period of 30 minutes.

  • If you receive more than one code, be sure to use the most recent one.

  • If your code has expired, you will need to try to make another payment with the same card, a new verification code will be generated and sent immediately.

  • The micro charge will be sent to your card with a reverse operation.

  • The validation of your card applies only when you use it for the first time in a business or company that operates with our payment platform.

  • The micro charge that we will send to your card can be viewed in your bank transactions as follows: NET 24-7 - Miami FL.

  • We will send the micro charge to your card in American dollars, however, it is possible that your bank will show it in the currency of your country, in which we suggest you validate the description of the operation where you can generally locate the amount in dollars.

  • Your bank may take a long time to post the micro charge. We suggest you check back in a few minutes, but keep in mind that it is only valid for 30 minutes. If you still cannot locate it, we suggest you contact your bank and request support to find out the amount of the charge that we have sent you.